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Wednesday, 03 June 2020

A promise made to residents of Colihaut and Dublanc for small business and housing assistance and also to meet the medical bills of some residents was fulfilled on Wednesday this week, with the presentation of two cheques.

Honourable Member of Parliament for the Colihaut Consitutency, Lady Catherine Daniel presented the first cheque to the Colihaut Village Council.

She says the Dominica Labour Party government is improving the lives of nationals by investing in the development of people in the areas of health, education, culture, business and housing.

“Today I’m delivering to the Colihaut Village Council an amount of $108,000 and that will go towards housing assistance in some cases, towards a little business assistance in some cases and a little health assistance in some cases,” she explained.

Meanwhile the Dublanc Village Council received a cheque of over $91,000.

“Dublanc area - some towards business, some towards culture and a little towards housing because as you know Dublanc is going to celebrate the feast of St. Peter…”

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