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Wednesday, 03 June 2020

The Dubique/Stowe Fishermen Association has received $40,000 from Government to facilitate the purchase of an ice machine.

The Hon Member of Parliament for Petite Savanne, Dr Kenneth Darroux was pleased to assist in the facilitation of the purchase of this machine which will significantly enhance the economic livelihood of the fishermen.

He explained that “while Fond St. Jean had been the traditional landing site for fishing in the area over the years, [there has been an] increase in fishermen landing their catch at Stowe.”

Hon Darroux is pleased that this piece of equipment will serve the fishermen of both these areas well.

The association includes fishermen from Grand Bay, Tete Morne and Dubique and was created to assist its members with the purchase of fishing gear and equipment and to solve common problems among its members. 

Also speaking at the official handing over ceremony, Acting Chief Fisheries officer Riviere Sebastian noted that the association “has landed in excess of 100,000 pounds of fish over the last year with just a few boats fishing two or three times a week.”

He says the ice machine will be useful in helping the fishermen preserve the quality of their catch.

“Not having an ice machine would lead to you traveling to Roseau every day to buy the ice, and return to your community to put it on your boat to go to sea. That’s a lot of headache so hopefully a lot of that headache will be resolved,” he added.

Executive member of the Dubique/Stowe fishing group Kevin Cooke expressed his thanks for the donation.

The funds were made possible through the Citizenship By Investment Programme.

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