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Saturday, 22 February 2020

Thirty residents of the Woodford Hill community will soon benefit from Government’s Sanitation Programme, after a cheque of $330,000 was presented to the Woodford Hill Village Council on Thursday.

Caretaker of the Wesley constituency, Athenia Benjamin, presented the cheque to the Chairperson of the Woodford Hill Village Council, Wilson Honore.

“The government took the opportunity to draft up a contract for the contractors to ensure that when they start the washrooms, the washrooms will be completed,” she assured the residents.

“We have agreements that the contractors should follow and we have a worksheet that the clerk has to pay attention to as to the schedule of how the work is progressing.”

Each washroom should cost in the region of $11,000.

Chairman of the Woodford Hill Village Council, Wilson Honore thanked the Caretaker for her role in assisting residents of the community.

“This thing is long in awaiting because several times I walk up the road and people are asking me when are the toilets going to come. My answer to them, just be patient, nothing cannot be ready before it is ready. But today the cheque, the monies are ready, everything is in here.”

A few of the recipients got the opportunity to express gratitude to Government for this much-needed amenity.

Meanwhile, Benjamin used the opportunity to update the village on strides taken to address some of the roads in the community which are due for repairs.

She indicated that repairs to one particular road, the ‘Larry’ road is estimated at a cost of $1.1 million and asked residents of the community to be patient as Government works to ensure these roads are given attention.

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