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Wednesday, 03 June 2020

The Hon Prime Minister, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit has called on Dominicans to stand in Solidarity with the People’s Republic of Venezuela.

The Venezuelan Government, over the past few months, has had to deal with frequent protest action from the Opposition.

Hon Skerrit says to remain supportive of Venezuela, even in this time of crisis, is a matter of principle.

 “Venezuela is going through its own challenges and it is a time that we should stand in even stronger solidarity with Venezuela. Friendship is not what you can get from somebody, solidarity is not when you are receiving, friendship is remaining steadfast with that person or that country notwithstanding what that country may be going through. We do so as a country not on ideological reasons but on principle. We can always negotiate words but we must never negotiate our principles.”

Hon Skerrit says these acts of violence in any country should be condemned.

 “For us to sit as a country, as a world, as global institutions and not condemn violent actions, it is unbecoming of the world. Irrespective of who is committing the violence it must be condemned by all of us. This has nothing to do with Petro Caribe, it has nothing to do with ALBA, it is simply a matter of principle. Terrorist act, whether they happen in Dominica, whether they happen in Venezuela, United States or United Kingdom, anywhere in the world, are terrorist acts and we all have a duty and responsibility to condemn it.”

The Nation’s Leader says despite the challenges which Venezuela is facing, the country continues to assist Dominica. One of Venezuela’s recent assistance to Dominica is the Mision Milagro eye care mission.

Hon Skerrit expressed hope for the best for the People Republic of Venezuela in this time of unrest.

 “We do hope and pray that the situation in Venezuela will come to a peaceful end, where dialogue will prevail, where common sense will prevail and the rule of law will continue to guide Venezuela in its current and future path.”

The Hon Prime Minister was speaking at a solidarity service to mark the 12th anniversary of Petro Caribe Dominica.

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