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Saturday, 22 February 2020

Diplomatic relations between Dominica and Venezuela continues to bear fruit as a solidarity service was held on Thursday, to mark the 12th anniversary of the Petro Caribe Energy Cooperation Agreement.

Present at the service were Hon Prime Minister, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit and his Cabinet, Venezuela’s ambassador to Dominica, H.E Hayden Pirela  and staff of PDV Dominica.

Hon Prime Minister Skerrit, congratulated PDV Caribe Dominica on their anniversary.

“There are many who have predicted that it would not have lasted six months; when it got to six months they said a year, when it got to a year they said it would not get to two years and when it got to two years they said it would not get to five years. They said when President Chavez passes on it would have ended but we have seen it growing from strength to strength.”

The Hon Prime Minister commended the management and staff of the company for the work they have been doing in Dominica.

He says the entire country has benefited from this agreement, and therefore gratitude should be expressed.

 “The impact that Venezuela’s generosity has had on us has touched every sphere of our society. Every single citizen, the 72,000 of us who reside in this country has benefited from Venezuela’s generosity. The least we could do is to show the gratitude.”

General Manager of PDV Caribe Dominica, Henry Blanco, noted that Venezuela continues to assist Dominica despite its challenges.

He said PDV Caribe Dominica has spent more than $12million towards the socio-economic development of Dominica.

“Furthermore, as a company we continue to give tremendous support to educational, sporting, cultural and the tourism sector in Dominica., contributing [to] for example carnival, festivals, jazz and creole, creole in the park, dive fest and other various activities. In fact, it was a very proud moment to have for the first time a Venezuelan band to perform in the jazz and creole festival this year.”

Blanco also thanked the Dominica for demonstrating true friendship to Venezuela even in time of crisis.

Since the inception of the agreement, the goal has been to facilitate the integration of Caribbean people through energy cooperation based on favourable, equitable exchange between the countries.

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