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Wednesday, 03 June 2020

Entrepreneurs of the Colihaut constituency have received financial support following a small business training recently conducted in that constituency.

Last Friday, the Hon. Parliamentary Representative for the Colihaut constituency, Lady Catherine Daniel, handed over to the village council cheques for distribution in total of $450,000.

This amount is in addition to $394,000 previously disbursed in the month of June.

“Prior to January, we had already delivered to the constituency an amount of $150,000 in small business; today we are delivering $450,000,” Hon Daniel explained.

“For the month of June alone we will be distributing $677,903 to the community. In the month of June alone, from the first of June we gave cheques of $394,000.”

The Hon MP urged the recipients to make good of the small business training preceding this financial support as a guide for utilizing funds wisely. 

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