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Wednesday, 03 June 2020

More than twenty existing and new small businesses are expected to foster economic activity in the community of Bellevue Chopin as Government has just injected $150,000 for small business development there.

At a small ceremony in Bellevue Chopin on Wednesday, the Hon Member of Parliament for the Petite Savanne Constituency, Dr Kenneth Darroux handed over the funds to Chairman of the Village Council, Delroy Registe.

As has been done in several communities where entrepreneurs have received funding, Hon Darroux implored the beneficiaries to use the funds for the reasons expressed in their application.

“It’s not free money, every cent of it has to be accounted for…”

The Village Council chairman also echoed the sentiments of the Hon MP advising the beneficiaries to use the funds for the purpose intended.  He says his office will continue to monitor the progress of these businesses to ensure their success.

“I encourage you to be smart, don’t waste it...don’t go and party with it…invest it in the business that you decided to invest in.  If you need any help, as the Chairperson of council, when comes to running your business, any information that you need, feel free to contact me…”

Bellevue Chopin is in the process of experiencing a dramatic change as the new development to resettle Petite Savanne in that community progresses.  Hon Darroux is hopeful that these new businesses will continue to grow and capitalize on the influx of over one thousand residents when the project is complete.

The funds will assist a diverse list of ventures including a cocoa farm, a smoke house, a bakery, screen printing and agro-tourism.

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