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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Under the theme, ‘Unlock Your Potential and Fulfill Your Destiny’, fifty-five students of the Isaiah Thomas secondary School said goodbye to their recent stomping grounds on Wednesday this week.
Addressing the graduation ceremony, the Hon. Minister for Education, Petter Saint. Jean, told students that he is proud to be part of the Government which has invested so heavily in their education and their future.
He assured them of the endless opportunities for furthering their studies. 
“We remain committed to investing in every student in developing his or her talent and potential. Provisions for opportunities at continuing education and training are available to you to prepare our young for an unpredictable and exciting future. 
The education minister also reiterated Government’s focus on skill development to ensure that all students can succeed whether academically or otherwise inclined.
“Beyond paper qualifications we are seeking to equip all our student with practical skills that place them in good stead to be the best experts in their chosen field of endeavor”, he said. “Be it engineering, plumbing, garment- making or any other field that you choose as there is indeed a high demand for skilled individuals in an ever-changing Dominican society.” 
Class valedictorian, Alyssa Charles encouraged her peers to step into their future with a resolute purpose to fulfil their destiny.
“The power to fulfill our destinies begin with an understanding of our strengths and limitations, for to be able to unlock our potential we need to hone our talents, capitalize on our resources and be realistic in the pursuit of our dreams.” 

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