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Saturday, 11 July 2020

The Hon Parliamentary Representative for the Grand Bay Constituency, Justina Charles is reporting that she is pleased with the progress of road developments in her area. 

Government, through the Ministry of Constituency Empowerment has allocated $11 million for the improvement of secondary roads in constituencies across the island.

In the constituency of Grand Bay, where several roads have already been upgraded through this programme, the Hon. MP is reporting that a few more projects are near completion.

“We spent $108,000 in the road where we just came … this is a road that was never really paved because from the time the lots were sold to people, they’ve built here but access to the area have been a little challenging… I’m happy that at least I can bring greater access to most of the residential areas so the people can feel free and it can be safer, with less risk of injury.”

Hon. Charles says the restoration of this road was also needed because of the number of elderly persons living in the area.

“We have a few elderly people living lower down in the area, we have quite a few houses in that area, so people access that area and it was very difficult for vehicles to traverse to go down there. If the ambulance were to come to get the elderly people living lower down or those are not able, not very ambulant it would have been very difficult, so I just thought we needed to pay some attention to this road.”

Another area in Grand Bay, Bala Park, originally intended for agriculture has quickly developed into a residential area.

Considering the emergent settlement which required proper road access, the Grand Bay MP says response to travelling stresses of the constituents were promptly addressed.

That 420m long road cost over $370,000. The Hon MP informed that this project has afforded employment opportunities for many young men.

The Bala Park road project which is expected to be complete in about two weeks. The aim of Government is to rehabilitate all roads across the island through its recently launched constituency road rehabilitation programme.

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