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Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Director of Trade, Matthan Walter is urging farmers and exporters alike to make use of the opportunities available for trade with the United States.

Walter highlighted some of the measures put in place by Government to assist farmers.

“The Government of Dominica has endeavored at this very moment to put in place the entire infrastructure that is required. The Fresh Produce Act has been passed and is being enforced; the pack -houses in Roseau and Portsmouth are established; farm certification programmes are in place and I am personally aware of the hard work being done by the Dominica Bureau of Standards to ensure that we meet those standards.

“We need to change our mindsets, we need to elevate our consciousness and work with the Government to enter those markets and to engage frontally the opportunities that are present therein.”

The Director of Trade was speaking at a seminar on the ‘United States Import Regulation for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables’ on Friday June 16.

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