Close To $700k To Construct 13 Homes in Grand Bay Constituency

As part of Government’s continued efforts to eradicate substandard housing through the Housing Revolution Programme, contracts amounting near EC$700,000 have been signed for the beginning of construction of thirteen homes in the Grand Bay constituency.

Five contractors were awarded the opportunity to build the homes for persons of the communities of Grand Bay and Tete Morne who already own land.

At the contract signing ceremony on Monday June 19th, Hon Member of Parliament for the Grand Bay constituency and Minister for Constituency Empowerment, Justina Charles informed, “The contracts that we will be signing will all total $679, 630.34. The Tete Morne council will manage $360,681.46 and that will be for the construction of two single-bedroom houses and three double-bedroom houses. In Grand Bay, we will have $318,948.88. In Grand Bay, we will be doing three single-bedroom houses and five double-bedroom houses.”

Government, through the Ministry of Constituency Empowerment, has invested millions into the construction and renovation of houses across the island impacting the lives of thousands of Dominicans.