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Saturday, 11 July 2020

Hon Parliamentary Representative for the St. Joseph constituency, Kelver Darroux is encouraging entrepreneurs in his constituency to become pioneers with their business endeavors by consdiering businesses not yet existing in St. Joseph.

The Hon MP was addressing the closing ceremony of a small business training in St. Joseph last Thursday. He urged the participants to widen the services being offered in the district as a way of developing the communities within the constituency and creating sustainable income. 

“I’m also hoping that those of us who have attended and even those of us who will be viewing by the media, would also be able to recognize some of the businesses that are not available in St. Joseph and see how we can work together to start up a fresh business; something that you cannot get in St. Joseph, something that is not offered in St. Joseph…so, you have to brain storm,” he told the participants.

Participants of the training will also be receiving financial aid from Government through the Ministry of Small Business for their ventures.

Hon. Darroux expressed hope that participants will utilize these funds prudently.

The 39 participants of the two-day small business training received information and did simulation exercises in various components of running a small business.

One of the participants, Troy James, shared that he is more equipped to run his small business coming out of this training.

“Before these two days of session I was rather confused and lagging behind how to manage my business but over the past two days I have listened with keen ears to Mr. Joseph and I must say I have learnt a lot on how to manage my business. I’ve learnt business strategies, record- keeping, steps of setting up my business and now I know my strengths and weaknesses of how to manage my business because for the past years I have been trying hard on how to invest my money to further enhance my business... believe you me I am taking my business to the next level.”

The small business training in St. Joseph was the 12th of a series being conducted by the Ministry of Commerce, Enterprise and Small Business Development.

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