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Saturday, 11 July 2020

Students of the Roseau Primary marched through the community of Bath Estate on Friday chanting songs which demonstrated their love for literacy and reading.

The march formed part of the school’s annual literacy drive which sought to promote a better understanding of literacy by students.

In an interview with GIS News, the school’s Literacy Coordinator Anselm said this year’s theme is Holistic Literacy.

“At our school, we have a literacy team and every year we celebrate literacy. This year, our theme was Holistic Literacy due to the fact that before literacy was just being able to read and writing; today literacy involves viewing, interpreting, and the most modern form, digital literacy. So, it is so much more than being able to read and write.”

Anselm commented that this year’s theme Holistic Literacy prompted the school to take their message to their community.

“We wanted to sensitize the students about literacy and how it is an ongoing process. We wanted to first have the activity on our courtyard but it was recommended that we take it to the community so they too understand the importance of literacy and how it impacts us.”

Some of the other activities held by the school included a presentation by Cultural Officer, Gregory Rabess who spoke to students on topics such as oral literacy and language literacy facilitating different languages.

Every Monday and Wednesday the school will continue to focus on literacy.

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