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Tuesday, 07 July 2020

The second leg of the Ask, Listen and Learn programme spearheaded by the Health and Family Life Education Division of the Ministry of Education has come to an end in five schools.

On Thursday, June 15th, a closing ceremony was held at the Dominica Public Service Union building. There students from each school, Roseau Roosevelt Douglas, Penville, San Sauveur and Bagatelle Primary Schools shared their knowledge of what they learned with performances.

The Honourable Minister for Education a, Petter Saint Jean, hopes that the Ask, Listen and Learn programme will be incorporated into Dominica’s Health and Family Life Education curriculum.

“It is appropriate therefore that I endorse the teaching and sharing of the sound values to our children on the requisites to avoid vices such as alcohol abuse. I am convinced that the work that has been initiated is indeed paying a dividend that was clearly demonstrated here this morning by the various performances that were performed by you the students of the five schools.”

Education Officer, Renna Jno Charles, gave an overview of the programme.

“The programme is designed to raise the awareness of the dangers of underage drinking specifically among children ages 8 - 11 years old. It provides invaluable information on prudent lifestyle choices and utilises research, cutting edge technology, partners of industry and athlete mentors to educate children about the dangers of underage drinking.

The Ask, Listen and Learn programme was first piloted in Dominica in 2015 at four primary schools, Sineku, Salybia, Goodwill and Grand Bay primary.

The programme ran for 12 weeks with over 500 participants.

Ask, Listen Learn remains one of the major flagship initiatives in the Caribbean region.

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