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Wednesday, 08 April 2020

The Hon Parliamentary Representative for the St. Joseph Constituency Kelver Darroux, is encouraging fishermen in his constituency to take advantage of all the benefits that fishing can offer.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the 41st Basic Fisherman’s Training Course last week he indicated that fishing can provide a great source of income.

The Hon St. Joseph MP explained that fishing can also contribute to the overall economy once taken seriously.

“If you are serious about fishing and transform it into a business you will be able to reap the benefits selling to various individuals and businesses creating a steady income for yourself and families. If you decide that this is a path you want to take, it has to be done seriously, you have to keep records, ensure that your equipment is up to date and that you are a registered fisherman.”

Hon. Darroux cautioned the fishermen to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves while out at sea.

“We’ve had too many instances where fishermen go out to sea with no communication encounter difficulties and can’t call anyone for help. The course you had on safety will hopefully impact you and let you make sure that no matter how good a swimmer you have the necessary equipment is vital,” Hon Darroux advised.

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