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Tuesday, 07 July 2020

CARICOM consumers can now access the CARREX online electronic platform and the live public portal for providing alerts on dangerous non-foods consumer goods on the markets in all fifteen CARICOM member states.

the platform, which went live recently, can be accessed via

CARREX is the CARICOM Rapid Alert System for Exchange of Information on Dangerous (non-food) Consumer Goods.

Through the online platform, consumers and consumer organizations will be able to submit complaints about products that may have caused or have the potential to cause harm to them. The facility can also be used by the public to submit complaints electronically to consumer protection agencies on defective products purchased from suppliers in the community.

The system functions as a general alert and surveillance structure intended to cope with emergency situations. It aims essentially to permit the rapid exchange of information between the member states and the CARICOM Secretariat when the presence of a product which represents a grave and immediate risk to consumers’ health and safety has been detected.

Food and pharmaceutical items have been excluded from this system as procedures which monitor such products tend to have a higher level of stringency and are regulated by different processes.

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