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Tuesday, 07 July 2020

A closing ceremony, held by the Ministry of Commerce, Enterprise and Small Business Development on Tuesday, June 13th, marked the end of a training program leaving 140 persons more equipped to successfully manage their small businesses. 

One hundred and forty budding small business owners from the Town of Portsmouth have completed the 11th session of the of the Ministry of Small Business Development’s Small Business Training.

The trainings are part of plans by the ministry to increase the success rate of small businesses in Dominica by equipping owners with formal guidance and financial support.

Addressing Tuesday’s closing ceremony, Hon. Minister for small business development, Roslyn Paul, mentioned Government’s plans for small businesses in Dominica.

“The goal of the Government of Dominica is for you to have successful business. We are on a mission to spread the culture of enterprise, we are on a mission to ensure that enterprise in Dominica does not only continue to be there but to rise at the very next level. We want to ensure that enterprise continues to create employment for you.” Hon Paul remarked.

The Hon Parliamentary Representative for the Portsmouth constituency, Ian Douglas, assured the participants that support will not end with the training but that Government will guarantee all participants receive financial support.

“Each one of you, I want to assure you will be given support, it might not come tomorrow but I can tell you, you will be given support. We have placed half a million dollars at the council right now, in the mayor’s hand to give to you to develop and expand and grow your business and if that is not enough I can ensure you that fund will be replenished until every single one of you inside here receive the assistance you need to grow your business.”

The Government of Dominica has been investing significant funds in the growth of the small business sector.

In the 2016/2017 budget the Hon. Minister for finance and Prime Minister, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit approved 1% of the capital budget for small businesses development including a $1m loan facility specifically for musicians.

Further assistance for small business has also made been made available through the Ministry of Tourism and Agriculture.

The training covered business concepts including swat analysis, marketing and promotion, business budgeting and recording.

Since the beginning of the training series in April, about 1000 entrepreneurs have been trained.

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