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Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Twenty aspiring and established fishermen are now more knowledgeable about the fishing industry.

On Friday, June 9th, fishermen from the St. Joseph constituency graduated from the 41st Basic Fisherman’s Training course hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Senior Fisheries Officer Norman Norris, in his overview of the program explained that this was part of decentralized training afforded to fishermen.

“St Joseph has always been close to the heart of fisheries and we always look for support from the community. Once we have 15 persons and over to make the training viable we bring it to the community. Our major focus areas for training have been Marigot, Portsmouth and Roseau who have larger facilitates, however outside of there we have done Castle Bruce and now here. You are in the top five of places where we have decentralized the training which I am happy about. You are the 41st training course since 2005 and have joined the over 1000 persons who have completed the sessions.”

Norris detailed some of the concepts taught during the course.

“The work of the fisheries division covers three main areas, research and development, training and extension and follow up activities which we all covered. We explained that if there are more questions we can come back and do the course over,” Norris detailed.

Hon Member of Parliament for the St.Joseph Constituency, Kelver Darroux, assured fishermen that funds will be made available to assist them following the training.

“The fishing cards that some of you might have difficulty acquiring after the program we will meet the cost of those cards for you so you can each get your cards after the programme. Additionally, you can see that we made some equipment available for you in the first instance so you can get your footing and see that we are serious about the investment we are making in you. The fishing wire, nets and engine you have is a start.”

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