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Tuesday, 07 July 2020

The Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has assured residents of the Roseau Valley that their concerns have been noted and are being resolved.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Wotten Waven last week Hon. Skerrit stated that the Trafalgar Bridge and Wotten Waven to Coptall main road will be promptly addressed.

“We have all recognized that we have started the road we could have been much further with the road but understand this, the government has taken a deliberate decision to engage local people to engage this road. We could have given the contract to a big firm, and denied the opportunity to many of you the local contractors in this community. We are going in that pace as we are seeking to carry along with us the number of local contractors.

We are also ensuring that when the millions are spent building these roads these millions will stay in the pocket of the people of Wotten Waven. What you have seen is the first phase of the improvement of this road. Your Parliamentary Representative has indicated to you that there is an additional $600k to be spent and in the upcoming budget there will be a significant amount of money to take this road all the way down to the Coptall bridge. When you are driving into Wotten Waven you will be driving on a much more improve and safer road.

The Hon Prime Minister also noted improvements to be made to the roads and crossings within the community and commended the work of the contractors thus far.

The Dominica leader stated that the village council will be responsible for overseeing the construction process and revealed that funds were made available for the construction of 18 washrooms to be built in the community.

“There are 18 people now who require washrooms and funds will be sent to the village council for 18 washrooms at $11,000 each per washroom. These funds will be sent before the end of June.”


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