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Thursday, 09 July 2020

The Honourable Minister for Health, Dr Kenneth Darroux has assured Dominicans that the Honourable Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Environment, Ivor Stephenson, is receiving the best care possible for a speedy recovery.

Honourable Darroux was speaking to the media at the Princess Margaret Hospital last Wednesday.

“…Government will do all what we can do to ensure that Honourable Stephenson’s journey to recovery, that he gets the best chance to a speedy and full recovery.”

“We’ve been in constant touch with the authorities in Martinique, where he was air lifted to on Saturday evening at about 9 p.m. He is in stable condition which is good news. His condition hasn’t deteriorated which is also good news. Of course, he’s being stabilized pending further tests so the doctors can of course give us a prognosis. Prognosis meaning as to what are the expected outcomes of his medical condition.”

He thanked well-wishers who are praying for his recovery and asked for the support of his family during this time.

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