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Saturday, 15 August 2020

The Hon Minister for Housing, Reginald Austrie has indicated that moving forward, Government will focus its attention on relocating the entire community of Campbell.

Following Tropical Storm Erika, an assessment conducted by the United Nations Development Programme concluded that nine communities, at varying degrees, are vulnerable to natural disasters. These communities are Paradise Valley, Bath Estate, Dubique, Petite Savanne, Campbell, Coulibistrie, Pichelin, Petite Soufriere, Good Hope and San Sauver.

Thirty-eight families of Dubique have been relocated to Center, Grand Bay while Government is working on relocating another two hundred and eighty-three families of Petite Savanne.

Hon Austrie says now that relocation of these two communities are well underway Government is now refocusing its attention to the community of Campbell.

“We have already begun the process of identifying the strategy to deal with Campbell because eventually the entire Campbell community will have to be relocated.  I cannot tell you whether it’s tomorrow morning, I cannot tell you if it’s next week, next month or next year but those of you who know Campbell and based on recent events in Campbell, the entire Campbell community will have to be relocated.”

Five hundred and twenty-one homes were destroyed by Tropical Storm Erika – a total of 146 million dollars’ worth of damage.  Government will spend $124 million dollars to resettle Petite Savanne while $12.8 million was spent to resettle Dubique.

As part of its build back better concept, Hon Austrie says Government is taking a phased approach to resettling Campbell.

He Austrie lauded the efforts of Government for raising the necessary finances to resettle these communities.  The Housing Minister says this is a major undertaking by Government and indicated that this project is a national effort.

Hon Austrie was speaking at a contract signing ceremony for infrastructural work in Plat Ma Pierre last week.

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