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Thursday, 09 July 2020

Hon Minister for Tourism, Senator Robert Tonge, is reassuring citizens with concerns, that the natural look and eco-experience of Jack’s Walk will not be compromised by the ongoing work.

The Ministry of Tourism and Urban Renewal in collaboration with the Forestry Division, this month embarked on a project to upgrade Jack’s Walk in the Botanic Gardens.

Jack’s Walk is popular with tourists and with locals who enjoy the walk both as a form of leisure and exercise.  However, some locals have expressed concern over the work being done to improve Jack’s walk.

Those concerns have been met with the assurance of the Hon Minister for Tourism and Urban Renewal, Sen. Robert Tonge, that Jack’s walk will remain a natural site, only better and safer.

“A few people have complained that they see too much concrete but the concrete areas are the areas where you have the steps and you must do it properly because many people have fallen in those areas,” Hon Tonge explained.

The upgrade of Jack’s Walk, a project costing over $60,000, is part of Government’s plan to enhance the capital city.

“It will look basically exactly like what you see at the Emerald Pool where you have two trails and then you have nice gravel in the center so if persons want to run they can run on it but the areas that are normally dangerous, there are steps to ensure that it is safe and secure and that we don’t have any accidents happening there. “

The Hon Minister shared the vision of the Ministry of Tourism for tourists hiking along the trail.

“What we want to do is to create economic activity whereby when visitors come to the trail we can actually have them walk from the top with tour guides and have them walk down and have a lovely experience.”

He asks that members of the public be patient till completion of the project.

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