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Thursday, 29 October 2020

Partnership was the focus of a speech delivered by Hon. Alvin Bernard who was representing the Minister for Trade at the Roseau market.

The minister reiterated the theme for this year’s 34th Independence celebrations comparing it with the exemplary collaboration that makes the Roseau Market productive.

He says, “The theme of our 34th Independence celebrations is 'Partnering for Further Progress and Development.' There are very few examples of any activity of partnering like that which happens in the Roseau market.  In order to be a successful enterprise, the market must rely on backward linkages with farmers and hucksters and forward linkages with a variety of customers, individuals and household tourists, restaurants and small businesses.”

He listed a number of issues that have the potential to negatively affect local agricultural production and consumption.  He said, however, that government has and will seek to address those hindrances.

“The government of Dominica recognizes that there are significant challenges confronting the enterprise.  These include changing weather patterns, ageing of acting farmers and limited farm labour, the high cost of agricultural inputs and diseases such as black Sigatoka and citrus greening.  Notwithstanding, the Government of Dominica believes there are new opportunities amidst these challenges.  For this reason Government has provided and continues to provide support in the form of physical infrastructure, access to financing and policy implementation.”

The Hon. Minister is confident that with further enhancement and cooperation, the Roseau Market will represent an improved standard of living and can upgrade the city of Roseau.

“The challenge going forward is a vision of a new Roseau Market in a new Roseau, rising to the occasion with increased opportunities to the farmers, impacting the lifestyle of the local population, integrated into a national tourism product, becoming more enterprising thereby creating more opportunities for increased and improved farm production and more employment on the retail side.”

“There is an old saying, as you think so shall you be, in other words what the mind can conceive one can achieve.   The government of Dominica is committed to creating an enabling environment by addressing the constraints and capitalizing on emerging opportunities.  This challenge is extended to Dominicans at home and abroad because this government, the government of the commonwealth of Dominica, led by Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit and the Dominica Labour Party recognizes our brothers and sisters living overseas as a national resource.”

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