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Saturday, 11 July 2020

As the Discover Dominica Authority prepare to host the 8th annual Jazz N Creole, the fifth act to perform on the main stage was announced at a press conference on Wednesday.

Representative of the Venezuelan Embassy, Henry Blanco, revealed that the Latin American A Cappella band, 'Vocal Song' will be the 5th act for  Jazz n Creole 2017.

“This is a band that has been performing in Venezuela and Latin America for over 20 years and we think this is a very good opportunity to bring the group to Dominica. As a matter of fact we have been trying for a number of occasions to bring them and this is finally the opportunity we needed. We know Dominica will enjoy the performance at that date. As they are an a cappella group and this is a jazz and Creole festival they are trying their best to bring a very good performance creating a jazz, bouyon, calypso and soca mix as a surprise for Local performers and patrons. We know that this fifth act will be one that Dominicans are going to remember, “ Blanco said.

Vocal Song will be joined by Courtney Pine, Dominica’s Michele Henderson, Breve and Ti Orkest. C.E.O of the Discover Dominica Authority Colin Piper thanked the Government of Venezuela for footing the bill to have the group perform at this year’s festival.

“As you can imagine it would be quite an expense to bring in a group from Venezuela so we are very happy with this partnership from the Venezuelan embassy and Petro Caribe who have graciously agreed to transport the group here and Dominica will take care of the rest.”

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