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Thursday, 09 July 2020

The Grand Fond Constituency has shown that it can expand production capacity to more than just fruits and vegetables.

This was revealed at the most recent presentation ceremony for the South-East Women Organic Farmers’ Association.

Honourable Parliamentary Representative for the Grand Fond Constituency, Ivor Stephenson, applauded the men in the constituency engaged in bee-keeping.

“They will also form part of our small group of small business entrepreneurs. Gentlemen I can say to you that I’m looking forward towards you providing honey and all the other products that we can get from bee keeping to our residents of the South-East and Dominica. “

Hon Stephenson further revealed the plans of potential livestock and vegetable farmers in the constituency.

“They have begun to clear the lands already, and I can tell you, they are very excited, putting much effort and every day they tell me parl rep we need to ensure that the land belongs to us. I can say to you young men, that I’ve already had discussions with the Minister for Lands, Housing and Water Resource management, Mr Austrie, and he has engaged technical staff and the permanent secretaries to ensure that the necessary processes are made with respect to acquiring land.”

Hon Minister for Commerce, Enterprise and Small Business Development, Roslyn Paul, at the ceremony, stated that the ministry has shown diversity in its programmes.

“…We speak of a fishing group in Castle Bruce that we’re working with, we speak of garment making in Sineku, we speak of local cuisine too and tour guiding services at Sineku, we speak of soft furnishing in Dublanc, ICT and herbal drying in Paix Bouche.”

She noted some enterprise programmes in the pipeline including adding value to dasheen production, poultry which is coming on stream in Bense and a clustering centre in Grand Bay. 

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