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Saturday, 15 August 2020

The Ministry of Tourism and Urban Renewal is reporting satisfaction with the progress of work to restore sidewalks and drainage on Kennedy Avenue.

Ongoing work includes the installation of levelled sidewalk with proper drain-covering in that part of the city from the intersection of Independence Street to Great George Street.

GIS news spoke with Tourism and Urban Renewal Officer, Daryl Titre on Tuesday who says work is progressing smoothly and is now about 40% complete.

 “As you are aware, the contractor has begun pouring concrete and a certain section, that is the section from Jays to the intersection of Kennedy Avenue on Upper Lane on the northern side is complete and we can already see the vast difference in the sidewalk thus far. What is going to result is that you’ll have a proper, smooth, even sidewalk; there’ll be no ups and downs on the sidewalk that can allow for wheelchair access and the smooth flow of pedestrians”

He says not only will this upgrade benefit pedestrians but the flow of traffic in the area will also be improved.

 “People will not be allowed to park on the sidewalk at any time; parking will be taken care of by the police and we have gotten good assistance from the police in handing of the project and when the project is complete and the road is resurfaced you will see a complete difference in that area.”

This project is Lot two of a four-lot development.  Lot one includes work on Bath Road to Independence Street, Lot three – Great George Street to Old Street and Lot four, Old Street to Dame Mary Eugenia Charles Boulevard.

Titre says the project which costs over $229,000 has employed about twenty young labourers.

 “Projects like that always provide short-term employment for young people – unskilled labour - that always augers well for the economy because people would have money in their hand to spend.  What I am impressed with so far is the work ethic of the people on the project.”

Titre says if work continues at the current pace, the project will be complete ahead of schedule.

He commended the work of the contractor and solicited the understanding of the public while work continues to improve the city.

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