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Saturday, 15 August 2020

Another Dominican woman, Doris St. Jean-Royer has celebrated her 100th birthday making her the newest member of the elite group of Dominican centenarians.

Royer originally from the community of Guillette, Savanne Paille was born on May 15th, 1917.

The centenarian who made her livelihood as a farmer and huckster accounts her health and long life to consuming only the local produce she grew.

His Excellency the President of Dominica, Charles Savarin and Mrs. Savarin attended celebrations in her honour.

His Excellency Savarin, said the families of centenarians must be recognised for their contributions to this milestone.

 “…When people live to be 100 the family members have to be recognised for the care, the love, the attention that they would have given over many years so that their relative, their parent, grandparent, aunt could reach such a mature age,” he noted.

The Hon. Minister for Social Services, Lady Catherine Daniel also recognised the role of the family in ensuring a good quality of life for the centenarian.

“We have to thank Mrs. Royer’s family for that because often children leave their grandparents, their parents to the state and you can see the result of that but as we look at Mrs. Royer today we can see that she comes from a loving and caring family and I just want to say to the family, thank you so much.”

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Services, Helen Royer says the ministry will ensure that Mrs. Royer is well taken care of.

 “I really want to say congrats, it’s a long, long life to live and we at the ministry of social services, we are happy to add you on our list …we will continue to commit to making sure that Ma Doi is ok.”

President of the Dominica council on Ageing, Zetma Toussaint also addressed the ceremony. She noted that now more centenarians seem to be in better health and are better able to help themselves.

“Many of the centenarians are getting younger …more and more you can see them being able to continue their lives, they move around, they help themselves and that is what we love to see.”

Dominica currently boasts of 27 centenarians and has the highest percentage of centenarians per capita in the world

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