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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

A contract to fulfil a promise made by the Hon Parliamentary representative for the Mahaut constituency, Rayburn Blackmore, to the people of the Canefield housing scheme was signed on Friday.

The contract between the Ministry of Public Works and a local contractor, marks the beginning of construction work for a river defense wall in River Estate, Canefield.

Hon Blackmoore, recently, at a townhall meeting had assured residents living along the Canefield river that this project would soon materialise.

The Hon MP for that constituency said the defense wall will protect the lives of the people in that area especially in the hurricane season.

Hon. Minister for Public Works, Mirium Blanchard, addressing the contract signing ceremony, said that this project requires urgent attention.

“This project was deemed extremely urgent by the engineer assigned to that area following the collapse of the precious retaining structure and its subsequent removal during our post Tropical Storm Erika clean up and river dredging works. On investigation, it was observed that the embankment in that area was collapsing posing a threat to the homes.”

She pointed out that the wall will not only protect lives, but, in addition prevent destruction to the roads along the river.

The new defense wall, funded under the Citizenship by Investment Programme will cost over $700,000 and is expected to be completed in 12 weeks after the contract signing.

Other projects soon to be undertaken in Canefield include rehabilitation of roads in Canefield East and the RBC housing scheme. 

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