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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

The Dominica library and Information Services officially began recognition of National Library Week 2017 with an opening ceremony on Monday.

National library week, celebrated around the world at various dates, provides the opportunity for libraries to bring awareness to the services offered to their users and the broader community.

Addressing the opening ceremony of Dominica’s Library Week 2017 at the Portsmouth public library, Chief Librarian, Vernanda Raymond shared the hopes of the library and information services for this year’s library week celebrated under the theme, ‘Libraries, the Center of All Knowledge’.

“Through this year’s theme ‘Libraries, Centre of All Knowledge’ we want individuals to understand and appreciate the essential role of libraries in the process of giving citizens access to knowledge, recognise the vital role that library and information services play for research and education, stop underestimating the importance of library and information service as providers of services for the have-nots.”

The Chief Librarian encourages the public to make use of local libraries as well as to participate in the series of activities forming part of library week 2017.

“Visit your library and take advantage of the services offered, engage with your librarian, please return your overdue books, participate and support in our week of activities, be part of the sensitization sessions and interactive tours of the National Documentation Centre and National Archives Unit, visit the Roseau public library, view the exhibitions,” she said.

Education Officer for the North, Cynthia Joseph says the Dominica library services hopes that in addition to other objectives that persons will gain appreciation for the contribution made by library workers.

Library Week 2017 will run from the May 8th to 12th and will culminate with a fun day.

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