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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

The Hon Parliamentary Representative for the Mahaut constituency has expressed that he is not interested in political divide but only in further development of the communities which he represents.

The Hon MP was speaking to the Canefield Urban Council recently.

“I’m willing to work with the council. My vocation is to represent the people of the Mahaut constituency and to add value to their lives. I have no interest in fighting with any council, it undermines the effort to build back a better country, a better community and a better people so what I want to see us do is to work in council to address some of the outstanding issues that we have in the Canefield area and the constituency by extension.

Hon. Blackmoore said that he does not wish to get involved in the politics of the council but to work with everyone towards a better Canefield. 

He called on councillors to put away political biases.

The Hon MP was speaking at a contract signing ceremony for a river defense wall at the Canefield urban council last Friday.

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