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Saturday, 11 July 2020

The nation’s leader, has made a called for Dominicans to take customer service more seriously.
Hon. Skerrit asked Dominicans to improve on the delivery service to visitors and locals alike.
“I want us to take greater pride in how we dispense service not only to visitors but to each other as Dominican consumers and yes I hear and listen to those of you who conduct business within various government agencies; I hear and I read the comments of those using the ferry terminal, those transacting business at the sea and airports, those paying taxes and other fees into Government agencies, I hear you and I am working on it,” he said.
Hon Skerrit told Dominicans it makes no sense to build a modern Dominica when the attitude of citizens towards delivering service does not advance.
“We have to do something about our attitude to customers, whether black or white, Chinese or Kalinago, local or foreign, rich and poor,” he said.
The hon Prime Minister was speaking at the official commissioning of the new west bridge on Monday May 1.

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