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Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Students of primary and secondary schools were on Wednesday awarded for their exceptional work during Numeracy Week 2017.

Numeracy Week is a signature mathematic programme organised by the Ministry of Education biannually.

The week culminated with a competitive exhibition at which students displayed practical and innovative ideas for teaching and learning mathematical concepts.

Addressing the prize giving ceremony, Learning Support Advisor for mathematics in the Ministry of Education, Clement Vital explained what the ministry hoped to accomplish by involving students in the activities of numeracy week.

“The Ministry of Education objectives is to encourage students to use the inquiring process to solve problems, to encourage creative thinking, critical thinking and ability to use information and skills to investigate, draw conclusions and create content; to connect mathematics to the real world with its authentic problems and their solutions and to encourage the teaching of differentiating instruction which can be structured according to students need abilities and interest.”

He explained that the ministry also hopes to increase the pass rate of mathematics at the CXC examinations, expose students to math ideas, strategies and questioning techniques as well as create avenues for students to learn from each other.

At the exhibition, which took place at the Public Service Union building, students got the opportunity to explain to judges how their ideas would facilitate easy learning in areas usually causing difficulty for students. The projects were judged based on effective implementation of mathematical concepts as well as creativity.

Vital says the ministry hopes that activities like the exhibition will stimulate a liking for mathematics within students.

The St. Martin’s secondary emerged winners as upper secondary school competitors with the Dominica Grammar School coming in first place in the lower secondary school category.

The Mahaut primary and Berean Christian Academy secured first place in the upper and lower primary school categories respectively. 

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