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Saturday, 30 May 2020

Eight contracts totaling $620,000 have been signed in the Castle Bruce constituency for village road rehabilitation projects.

During the signing ceremony on Thursday April 13, the Hon Parliamentary Representative for the Castle Bruce constituency, Johnson Drigo explained that these projects are the first phase of the community road enhancement programme.

Eight different contractors were each assigned a project and it is anticipated that several persons from the surrounding communities will be employed.

“We are in the dry season, we have to try our best to finish these roads as soon as we possibly can so that we can prepare ourselves for the next phase of the community enhancement road projects,” Hon Drigo told the contractors.

The Hon MP also handed over a cheque of $93,989.00 to Chairman of the Good Hope Village Council, Gilford Laurent.

“This money will bring some more development to the village in terms of road infrastructure,” Laurent said.

Work has already started, he says, and the funds will help to complete outstanding road projects will largely benefit farmers.

The contractors expressed their gratitude for the projects and are looking forward to employing others in the community.

The road leading to the Seventh Day Adventist Church, the Ti Pierre Road, the Senhouse Road, the Cochrane road, the cemetery road in San Sauveur and two new roads in Petite Soufriere (the road in Laviere Louis and the road leading to Savanne) are among projects to be undertaken.

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