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Monday, 10 August 2020

The Hon Prime Minister, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, has committed to building seventy homes for residents of Lagoon, Portsmouth who are in need of urgent housing.

These homes will be built in Cotton Hill, part of the Cottage Constituency.

The Hon. Prime Minister made that announcement at a town hall meeting in Lagoon on Sunday April 2.

“Because of the situation we have a mix of housing solutions; …the idea is to build apartments and homes of no less than two bedrooms for the people of Lagoon,” he informed.

The nation’s leader further revealed that $1.5M has been approved for the construction of roads in Cotton Hill.

The nation’s leader said he would like work on the new road, to include all utilities, to begin in April so that construction of the new homes can begin soon thereafter.

Seventy lots were surveyed for immediate allocation in the area. The Hon. Prime Minister says these lots will be available next month.

“If the Government remains true to these commitments we would have addressed a substantial part of the housing problem confronting Lagoon and I give you the assurances that we will construct those homes,” he said.

Another project on the cards for Lagoon is the reconstruction of the road leading to the Portsmouth Secondary School to Grange link road. Hon Skerrit informed residents of Portsmouth that the funds for rehabilitation of the road will be transferred to the Town Council and work should begin this month. 

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