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Saturday, 22 February 2020

Over 150 small business owners residing in the north east are now better equipped to manage and develop their businesses thanks to the Ministry Of Commerce, Enterprise and Small Business Development.

On Thursday March 30th, the ministry hosted the closing ceremony of a small business training held at the Atlantique View Resort in Anse de Mai.

One of the facilitators of the four-day workshop, Mc Mara Joseph explained that participants were taught how to run a small business, “That’s where we looked at three main steps in setting up a business, the first one is self-assessment, second step, business assessment and the third step, market assessment…”

Hon Minister for Commerce, Enterprise and Small Business Development, Roslyn Paul stressed the importance of small businesses to the nation’s economy.

“Small businesses are very critical to economic development and in Dominica it is no less.  Many of you are employed because you have a small business…”

She urged the participants to reinvest in their businesses in order to experience grow.

Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Esther Thomas encouraged those in need of further assistance to not shy away from the ministry as the doors are always open.

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