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Wednesday, 08 April 2020

The fisheries division has surpassed its mark of training 1000 fisherfolk in proper fishing practices and safety habits.

Thirty fisher folk graduated from the 39th basic fisherman training course last Friday.

Chief Fisheries Officer, Riviere Sebastian, says the division continues to create and implement training programmes for the development of fisherfolk of Dominica.

He says training forms an important pillar in the work of the fisheries division.

“We are [currently] soliciting candidates to participate in some training programmes in Japan and in a couple of other countries in the Caribbean region,” he informed.

Sebastien noted that Government has been investing significant amount of finances in the development of the fisheries industry.

“Over the past year, for example, Government has put in, whether it be through grant funding or collaboration with other agencies, nearly EC$5m towards the development of the fishing industry,” he said.

He believes as a result of the training, young people are now recognizing the fishing industry as a serious business and thus the fisheries industry has grown significantly.

The training aims at developing fishing skills and competency in Dominica’s fisher folk as they prepare for further development and demands of the fishing industry. 

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