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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

The President of Dominica, His Excellency Charles Savarin, is confident that residents at the Operation Youth Quake can sustain themselves if they learn some traditional skills of farming on sloping land.

His Excellency Savarin was speaking at a presentation ceremony at the State House Conference Centre on Monday.

In excess of $22,900 was presented to the Director of the Operation Youth Quake, Lennox Abraham, for the construction of two terraces on the 1.2 acres of sloping land behind the building to create more usable land space for planting and to enhance the ambiance of the premises.

Programmes of the Operation Youth Quake are geared at equipping the residents with basic skills such as: reading, writing, farming, cooking and social skills.

“Another cheque of $5,434.55 and will go towards the development of the farm itself to revamp the production of fruits, vegetables, provision, chicken and other small stock thus providing fresh vegetables for the use of the residents and for sale where possible as well as training in proper small scale farming for the residents,” he said.

The Operation Youth Quake is one such organization which receives ground provision, fruits, meat and fish from the yearly Christmas donations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Ministry of Social Services.

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