Petite Savanne MP Praises Gov't for Its Response to His Constituents Post TS Erika

As the debate in the House of Parliament continued on Thursday, October 20th, the Hon Minister for Health and Environment, Dr. Kenneth Darroux, voiced his support for the supplementary appropriation of over one $103m now before the house.

A large amount of that sum was spent to assist those affected by Tropical Storm Erika.

The Petite Savanne Constituency was the area worst hit by the storm. As Member of Parliament for that constituency, Hon Darroux expressed gratitude particularly for the affected families of Dubique who were relocated to Center in Grand Bay just one year after the storm.

Hon Darroux says this is a clear sign for a vote of full confidence in the Hon Prime Minister.

“The residents of Dubique and the vast majority of the residents of Petite Savanne has a motion of full confidence in our Hon. Prime Minister. In fact, since Tropical Storm Erika we hosted a number of regional and sub-regional meetings in Dominica. One of the side events was a tour to the areas affected, Petite Savanne and Dubique. Centre, the area of Grand Bay where the Dubique residents are relocated was one of the areas we visited. I remembered some of my colleagues asking me what are the arrangements and how are they [the families] are going to pay for these houses.

When they were told the houses are going to be given free of charge…they could not believe it. We have 50 families who are now owners of new buildings in a prime area in Grand Bay. If this isn’t enough, one year after Tropical Storm Erika, to move a motion of full confidence in the Hon Prime Minister I don’t know what is.”  

Hon Darroux also refuted the Opposition’s notion that Petite Savanne is habitable.  He reaffirmed Government’s decision to relocate the community for its safety.

“It is through no fault of anyone that Tropical Storm Erika came. Experts have advised that Petite Savanne is uninhabitable…the whole area is compromised. We are expecting a team from the University of the West Indies and other institutions to do a review [of the Petite Savanne Community].”

The Petite Savanne Constituency has also largely benefitted from the National Employment Programme.  Close to 100 individuals from that constituency were added to the programme this year.