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Monday, 26 October 2020

Work is progressing as planned on the West Coast Water Supply Project.

The over 29 million dollar project is expected to improve the water supply to residents from Salisbury to Capuchin.  Bernard Etinoffe, General Manager of the Dominica Water and Sewerage Company Ltd. (DOWASCO) stated that twenty one million of that sum is being funded by the EU.

Etinoffe explained the intricacies of the current water systems supplying the west coast.

“There are several small water systems, many of them on river and stream intakes with inadequate flows and pressures to supply people comfortably.  The Picard intake that serves the town of Portsmouth and environs including the Ross University School of Medicine is a major concern for us at Dowasco.  We have found that during heavy rains that intake silts very easily and with inadequate storage as is right now, very often the water has to be turned off especially in the vicinity of Glanvillia and the medical school.  There is no storage tank at this point in that area.  Under this new project, there will be a major storage unit built that will serve that area and will certainly go a long way in improving water quality.  This will also ensure that during periods of heavy rains when the system is shut down that the area is not without water.”

During the exclusive interview, Etinoffe explained to GIS news the scope of works to be undertaken.

“The project has been divided into three parts, Lots 1, 2 and 3.  Lot one comprises of the construction of two new intakes; the main supply line from the intakes to two new treatment plants and then supply to the distribution network.  Lot two of the project is the main distribution line which spans from Capuchin to Salisbury in excess of 30 kilometers of 6in ductile iron pipes which will take the water to the distribution points.

Lot 3 of the project consists of the construction of nine storage tanks and the laying of associated pipe works to ensure that water is being distributed to all the communities from Salisbury to Capuchin.”

Once the project is complete many communities along the west coast route which are not currently being supplied by Dowasco will have access to quality water.

GIS News accompanied Dowasco officials on a site visit to various components of the project.


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