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Monday, 10 August 2020

Farmers of Wet Area, Belles will soon have a much improved farm access road to get to their holdings.

Five hundred feet of road is currently being constructed in the area at a cost of EC $200,000 provided by the Ministry of Finance under its farm access allocation.

Parliamentary representative for the St. Joseph Constituency Hon. Kelvar Darroux during an interview with the Government Information Service (GIS) on Thursday said the project will impact significantly on the farmers and the hucksters who do business in that part of the island.

Darroux revealed “This is a project that will impact significantly on the farmers in this community because here in Belles we have a number of farmers as a matter of fact we have an active farmers group with over 70 farmers plus farmers. In addition we have the hucksters who come for their produce here.”

Fourteen laborers are currently employed on the access road project.

Hon. Darroux confirmed to GIS News that the concrete road will be built with appropriate drainage.

“It will be a concrete road with drainage on both sides that will allow for the free flow of water. We realize that a number of roads in this country are damaged because the water sits on the road and so to avoid damage to this road proper drainage will be constructed while the road is being done. Additionally we will also see that the grass on the side of the road will be cut”, the Parliamentary Representative informed.

Hon. Darroux said the construction of this new farm access road in Belles is in keeping with a promise made to his constituents.

“This road has been in a very deplorable condition for some time. Since I became the Member of Parliament for this community one of the promises I made to the people of Belles is that we would pay serious attention to this road and we are now seeing work beginning on that road”, he noted.

Darroux is delighted that this farm access road is now becoming a reality.

” Farmers in the area are very excited about the project because it has been one that they have been waiting on for a very long time. In fact I have traversed this area a number of times visiting the farmers on their farms. In my discussions with them they have always asked when would work start on this road? Now that the road has finally begun I can tell you that the farmers and people of Belles by extension are very impressed and happy. The Government of Dominica has kept its promise and I believe once this road is completed we will see significant economic benefits for the community.”

Weather permitting the Belles farm access road project is expected to be completed within the next two months.

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