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Sunday, 15 December 2019

President of the Dominica Association of Teachers, Celia Nicholas, is encouraging the Ministry of Education to look into implementing UN recommendations to improve the teaching profession.

Those recommendations were made in 1966.

Nicholas was speaking at the opening ceremony of the Dominica Association of Teachers Annual Teachers Summer Workshop on Monday, July 11th.

“This year’s theme for World Teachers Day on October 7th is Valuing Teachers , Improving Their Status. This year, the United Nations is encouraging the countries of the world to revisit the recommendation for the improvement of the teaching profession. These recommendations were made about 50 years ago  [but] they are asking the countries to pay serious attention to the articles which have been outlined by those recommendations.”

She hopes that the recommendations will receive the proper attention.

“We know by analysis and research what happens to the economy if we do not have a well-trained and tutored population. The growth and wealth of any country are linked to the level of education of each individual. The level of education comes from the dedicated teachers who are here.”

She says this will ease the process of negotiations between teachers and Government.

The recommendations, scope and definition can be found here


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