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Monday, 26 October 2020

A wide cross section of the Dominican public has been discussing the implications of O.E.C.S. Integration process for the public service. A panel discussion organized by the Establishment, Personnel and Training department was held at the Public Service Training Centre (PSTC) in Roseau last week.

O.E.C.S Member States have been engaging their respective publics on the Economic Union through an intense process of public consultations aimed at securing wide support for the Economic Union.

This process commenced in Dominica last year under the leadership of the Ministry of Trade and deceased Ambassador of Dominica to the O.E.C.S and CARICOM, His Excellency Charles Maynard.

Last week’s panel discussion addressed topics of relevance to public officers, business persons, artistes, students and professionals who wish to expand their services to O.E.C.S member states.

Selected professionals were asked to speak on varied topics.  The panelists included Cabinet Secretary Steve Ferrol, President of the Dominica State College Dr. Donald Peters, O.E.C.S Export Development Unit Information Officer Darin Grell, and General Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union Thomas Letang.

Cabinet Secretary Steve Ferrol in his presentation spoke specifically on some of the changes which have taken place within the public Service since the signing of the Economic Union Treaty.

Ferrol said departments within the Public Service have been charged with advising on policy.

“We have to see the economic union as providing policy guidelines for us to implement and we have to advice on those policies before they are implemented. So we are superimposing the role of the local public service to the role of what will fast develop into a more regional public service,” he stated.

Ferrol further noted the Economic Union is here and efforts have to be made by the public service to ensure that it is implemented in a timely fashion.

“Because we are at the early stages of implementation, the public service has a chance to impact the Union as against the union impacting the public service. We are well placed in various Ministries and Government departments to do so. We already have deep functional cooperation in Education and Health. We see more legislation now being passed at the level of the O.E.C.S Assembly for us to both advise on provisions and apply when they are legislated.” he noted.

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