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Monday, 26 October 2020

The Dominica State College (DSC) continues to provide the environment where students can perform at an international level.

This was evident last week when the Ministry of Education released the results of the 2012 A -Level Exams at which a number of students of the college performed creditably.

Dr. Donald Peters, President of the Dominica State College, is attributing part of that success to the learning environment and teaching resources now available at the tertiary level institution. He said the college is focused on producing students to compete internationally.

“The future of our education system relies on the global village. This means that the students that we produce today must be able to compete at all levels all over the world. At the Dominica State College we focus precisely on that level of education and we have changed our capacity to do something called student learning instead of just teaching students with chalk and board.”

Deniane John was named Dominica’s top scholar for 2012. Denis Guye and Tishena Lloyd were also outstanding achievers this year.

“Certainly these students have demonstrated that they have mastered the art of studying. The next stage is to perform at the University level and then move to careers. It is exciting that we have one male among them which is good for us and that these students have demonstrated that they can perform at a level that is international in scope,” remarked Dr. Peters.

Dr. Peters said the Dominica State College is proud to have produced such excellent results. He has advised students to choose their future course of study wisely.

“College is extremely expensive and if you have done well enough then someone is going to pay for your books and your entire course. It’s important that you choose wisely, choose a career that can help you, your family and your nation. You have to think of what excites you, what you are passionate about, be whatever you want to be because you will perform well at whatever you like.”

2012 Island Scholar Deniane John will receive a full government scholarship to any university of her choice. The other top performers will also receive University scholarships.

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