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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Rayshon Younis a student of the Grand Fond Primary Swas awarded two hundred US dollars (US $200.00) for being a finalist in this year’s Florida Caribbean Cruise Association Poster Competition.

On Monday representatives of the Discover Dominica Authority made the financial presentation to Rayshon during a ceremony at his school.

Rayshon is happy that the competition provided him with an opportunity to expose his talent.

“I feel elated to be the recipient of this monetary contribution donated by the Discover Dominica Authority through the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association, I am grateful for the opportunity I received since it helped me to expose my talent.”

Kathleen Cuffy of the DDA encouraged other students to participate in next year’s competition.

“Next year we want to urge all of you students to take part in the competition.  It is a very educational process. Next year if you all do very well, not only will you the student be awarded but your school will also get a very big prize and that is what your school should aim for” Miss Cuffy advised.

Principal of the Grand Fond Primary school Harty Leslie is encouraged by the achievement of the student of her school in the art and craft competition.

”We feel very happy that our school participated and our entry went to the finals. That in itself is a plus for us.” she said.

Miss Leslie further revealed “At the Grand Fond Primary school which is a child friendly school, we promote all the skills that we can, and art and craft drawing is one of them. We feel that we want the children to be well rounded and so today we are today that we can have this presentation done at our school, a sign that we are growing in art and craft.”

Fifteen countries participated in this year’s competition. Barbados and Grenada won the first and second places in the competition.

The aim of the contest is to assist students in furthering their education while letting them think about their own destinations and its involvement in the tourism industry, along with providing an opportunity to problem solve for the real world.

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