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Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Parliamentary representative for Portsmouth Constituency, Hon. Ian Douglas envisions a bright future for the town.

Minister Douglas was speaking on the construction site of the new Cabrits Resort and Spa which he says is progressing satisfactorily.

The 70-room hotel is expected to significantly boost employment and industry in Portsmouth when it is inaugurated in 2014.

Also in Portsmouth, eleven new houses were constructed for residents of the area in addition to the other social programmes already in place to help make the lives of Dominicans more comfortable.

Minister Douglas disclosed that a major project is planned to create a Bay Front Protection Scheme for Portsmouth’s waterfront.

“We want to look at an entire Bay Front Protection Scheme where we can reclaim some land, very much like the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard. [We want to construct] a nice boulevard probably extending from the Fisheries Complex to the Indian River. When we get to the Indian River, there is the groin where we the bridge was repaired a few years ago since it was dilapidated as a result of the 2004 earthquake. Now we have to reconstruct the Indian River groin and maybe dredge the river to an extent. The Bay Front Scheme can provide further protection against rough seas, storms and hurricanes which plague us every year.”

The Minister believes that there is a need for such a facility.

He said, “We have a large marine community here in Portsmouth. The town is really built on a marine economy. There are a number of vessels here that ply their trade between Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Anguilla on a regular basis. We also have a very large fishing community so we want to create some protection for our small boats in this Northern area.”

All these plans are in an effort to make Portsmouth a premiere town.

“It is our vision to make Portsmouth a first-rate West Indian town of the level of any industrialised, developing country in the region. Also we want to construct a major building where we can offer services for residents of the north. Residents would no longer be required to travel all the way to town to get birth records, passports, driver’s licenses, pay income tax or any transaction with the Inland Revenue Division or many other services that are only available in Roseau. It is in our vision to construct a ministerial-type building here where we can house all those services.”

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