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Monday, 10 August 2020

The local Chinese community continues to take its social responsibility to the community seriously.

On Wednesday a group of Chinese business people made a donation totaling twenty seven- thousand dollars ($27, 000.00 E.C) towards the implementation of an Early Childhood Education programme at the Campbell primary school.

Representative of the Chinese Business Community Mary Wang said this donation comes as a sign of gratitude to the Dominican public for their support to the local Chinese businesses.

According to Miss Wang, “Even though most of the Chinese businesses in Dominica are still small we have been trying our best to help Dominica people to improve their livelihood. Education, especially early childhood education, plays a critical role for both a person and a country.”

Miss Wang is hoping that the new project at the school will assist in the development of Dominican children.

“After making our donation to Goodwill Primary School last year, we decided to help Campbell Primary School with its repair work to the best of our ability. We hope this will enable the students here to have a better environment to study.”

Education Officer for the West, Margaret Jules Royer said the donation is in keeping with the Ministry of Education’s policy of ensuring that every child has an opportunity at receiving quality education.

Royer said “As a Ministry school improvement is very important to us and it is at the centre towards the drive to provide high quality education for all. For this academic year our new vision at the Ministry of Education is every child succeeds and this contribution will help us to do just that.”

Education Minister Hon. Petter Saint Jean expressed thanks on behalf of the Government of Dominica to the Chinese business Community for their generous contribution.

“We are indeed thankful for the generous contribution that you have made towards the education of young people in Dominica. It is indeed a demonstration of your commitment to what I consider a fruitful relationship to the Commonwealth of Dominica in a most tangible way and for this we are eternally grateful.”

Parliamentary Representative for the Mahaut Constituency, Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore expressed thanks on behalf of the constituents of Campbell.

“Certainly what is taking place here today is bringing out the brightest version in the Campbell community and also the Chinese business community. It is so nice to have persons who have invested in Dominica give back to the community. Clearly we can see that they are not just in business for making a profit but they recognize the support that they get from the respective communities and they have decided to demonstrate some social responsibility by embracing a rural community and investing in the people of Campbell” remarked Mr. Blackmoore.

Lillian Braid at teacher at the Campbell Primary school said thanks on behalf of the school body.

Braid said “It is this and other much needed assistance which is most welcome and appreciated in this school community as we work arduously to ensure that the call for every child must learn become a reality here at our school.”

The Ministry of Education has engaged a contractor to refurbish a room to facilitate the early childhood education programme at the Campbell Primary school.

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