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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Political Leader of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit has attributed the success of his party to the unwavering commitment and service of its members.

The political leader who has been at the helm of the party for the past nine years, showered praise on the party’s membership when he addressed the DLP’s third annual awards ceremony at the Pierre Charles Secondary School in Grandbay on Sunday September 16.

The Dominica Labour Party has been in existence for fifty- seven years having been formed in 1955. The party formed a Government in 1961 and was re-elected to Government in the year 2000.

“Today Labor has become synonymous with leadership in many villages across Dominica. Not only have you championed the cause of this great party but you have served with distinction in several social, sporting educational and recreational groupings. Even in the dark days of our being in opposition you were on the village councils, the church committees, the cricket, football and other sporting organizations. You have been leaders, respected and able leaders and that has been the secret to the success of the Labour party over the years,” Hon. Skerrit remarked.

The Political leader described Labour party supporters as a reservoir and fountain of political wisdom knowledge and understanding that has contributed to the strength of the oldest political organization in the country.

“Together we have correctly read every political twist and turn of the last thirteen years. Together we remain an unbeatable force in the politics of Dominica. In your simple and unassuming way you have served as our barometers over the years.”

He said “While we are here to salute a specific number of individuals whom we believe have given valuable service to this party over the years I want to say that I value the continued words of wisdom and encouragement that I receive from you.”

Though encouraged by the overwhelming support the DLP Leader challenged party supporters to desist from becoming complacent and re-energize themselves to continue to serve at the highest level.

The Political leader advised members to strive to assume positions of influence and leadership in their respective communities.

He said the party must continue to represent an image of hope and reassurance.

“People must know who they can turn to for advice, guidance support and sometimes just a listening ear. In the year 2012 we must re-invent ourselves as a political party. We cannot be there just to attend only to the political and material needs of our neighbours. We have to go further and represent the image of hope strength and reassurance. People must know who the Labourites are in a community and extension to whom they can turn to in virtually any crisis situation That is what must distinguish us from the others. We have to strive to be seen in our respective communities as caring and loving people.”

Hon. Skerrit took time to personally recognize and thank the many DLP stalwarts who continue to be a solid foundation for the party of which he is the head.

DLP’s general secretary, Edward “Ed” Registe and Mrs. Ursula “Mammy” Dailey received the political leader award while thirty- one others received respective constituency awards.

Plans are afoot to make the DLP awards ceremony a bi-annual one.

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