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Monday, 26 October 2020

Chief Education Officer, Stephenson Hyacinth wants principals to hold staff meetings on a regular basis to identify inadequacies in learning modalities.

The Chief Education Officer stated this at a recent meeting for Principals last Friday.

He says, “I believe we should sit as a staff to find out where we went wrong, the why question is important. What has happened along the way?  Why did the children who were taught for a particular year not achieve the set bench mark? When we have identified these areas of deficiencies we can develop an action plan to ensure that we take the corrective measures.”

He also affirmed that a National PTA will soon be put into operation.

“We are working at establishing a National PTA before the end of this term.  All schools have to have their PTAs established or reactivated on or before the end of this month.  This will be followed by the establishment of the District PTA and out of the District PTAs we shall establish a National PTA in keeping with a specific section of the Education Act.”

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