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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

An innovative compact disc (CD) to raise student’s enthusiasm in the subject area of mathematics through music is the latest initiative of the Ministry of Education.

“Mastering tables through music” was designed to address the acute challenges that students are faced with in the subject of mathematics.  It also serves as a resource material for teachers to enhance the environment in which the students are being taught.

Education Minister Hon. Petter Saint Jean endorsed the CD saying that it is a great way for students to learn as mathematics continues to be a ticklish subject for many.

“I think that this was a brilliant idea that is an attempt to make the learning of Mathematics much more fun.  Too often we here children saying, I hate math, I don’t like math.  Let’s make the learning of Mathematics fun. In the past we have seen a trend in poor performance among our children in Mathematics at our external exams. It is absolutely necessary we get as creative and innovative as we can to ensure that these children develop a love for Mathematics.”

Hon. St. Jean commended the team for the initiative and encouraged parents to purchase a copy.

He says this CD has the capacity to be of great assistance to our youth.

“I want to publicly commend Mr. Vital for this tremendous effort. Mr. Jackson and the group of students who were able make this a reality.  I call on you principals to make sure it is used and I encourage parents to purchase a copy, listen to it in the cars or where ever you may be.”

Clement Vital, Numeracy Specialist in the Ministry of Education who is also the Executive Producer of the CD stated that this Multiplication CD is another tool which teachers and parents can use to reinforce learning.

He was very clear in stating that the multiplication CD is not a ‘teaching’ tool rather it was designed to engage students and reinforce the learning of the concepts of multiplication tables.

“It should be used to reinforce the learning of the tables.  Teachers must teach the students the concept of multiplication first before using the CD.”

The CD is targeted at students in grades 2, 3 and 4 and comprises of multiplication tables 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 with the multipliers 1 to 9. It also covers a multitude of musical beats that students like including the rhythmic Bouyon beat.

“The arrangement of the CD challenges the students at three levels of difficulty. Level one, the song is sung completely twice the first time. Second level, the multipliers are given then the students are allowed to give the product. Third level, each table is shuffled and the students are allowed to give the product of the multipliers.”

“The CD can be used to introduce Math lessons, for class competitions and during assemblies,” Vital enthused.

Vital expressed his gratitude to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for assisting the Ministry of Education with funding for the CD.

Sonia Williams, Secretary General of UNESCO who was a former teacher and principal, noted the pertinence of the CD as it ties into one of UNESCO’s Millennium Development Goals, which is education for all with emphasis on quality education.

“This CD is timely because we are all aware of the challenges that our students face in the learning of Mathematics.  Our teachers also have the challenge of teaching our students a subject that is so very important and relevant to education but it also poses many difficulties if we are not well equipped.”

“I hope that this CD will serve as a vital tool to capture student’s interest and to make the learning of the multiplication tables an enjoyable experience.  Multiplication tables are a prerequisite to doing math well.”

The CD is copyrighted and can only be purchased from the Ministry of Education. Each school will receive a copy and members of the public are encouraged to purchase a copy from the Cornwall Street Office. The CD costs twenty EC dollars.

The musical versions of the multiplication tables were composed and directed by Ian Jackson.  Peter Letang provided the keyboard arrangement as well as engineer, Julie Martin played the guitar.

Vocals on the CD are the 2012 Junior Calypso Monarch Janae Jackson , Nashell Walsh who was the 2012 Junior Calypso Monarch’s 1st runner up, Phael Lander the 2012 Junior Calypso Monarch’s 2nd runner up, Stanis George and Jodie Johnson.

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