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Saturday, 11 July 2020

Efforts are continuously being made to market Dominica as an attractive tourist destination and plans are currently on the way to further develop the Titou Gorge… that’s according to Parliamentary Representative, Hon. Dr. Colin McIntyre.

The Titou Gorge is located at the start of the hike to the Boiling Lake, and has a small waterfall hidden deep in a cave like, water-filled gorge.

A hot spring tumbles down a short wall just outside the entrance of the gorge, and the minister says plans are in the works to develop that area further.

“I’m sure people remember the Titou Gorge and how cold and chilling it can be.  It’s a great experience but what’s better than to come here and partake in some warm water after having been in the chilling water of the Gorge.  This is something we want to look at, building a lovely water way to collect that water and present it as a pool that you can soak in all the while enjoying a little rum punch made in Laudat.”

A brand new reception facility has been erected in the vicinity, which when complete will consist of changing rooms, a bathroom and a bar.

The facility is expected to be commissioned before the end of the year.

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